Derek Glass

By Paul Barbagallo Like any successful marriage, even one with cyclical doses of quarreling and reconciling, a sound mailer-list broker partnership is founded on trust. Fostering a relationship of open data exchange and healthy communication is the key to realizing the potential of this mailer-broker union, list gurus attest. "We view our vendors as partners in our business," shares Bill Buchler, vice president of marketing for home maintenance catalog HSN Improvements. "A strong partnership allows for trust, and because of that partnership, I trust [my list broker] with my data. If you're in a situation where you don't have that level of trust, then

A recent test mailing from Working Assets, a long distance service provider that allows customers to give to charity when paying their phone bill, incorporates a technique or two from the nonprofits it supports. This particular effort, a #11 envelope package, targets animal lovers who might be interested in having one percent of their monthly phone bill donated to charity (808WOR-ASS0801). According to Derek Glass, director of marketing for Working Assets, the company first tested the animal rights program offer in 1998, and then rolled out with it in 1999. While he declined to discuss any results from the most

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