Peggy Hatch is a senior advisor at NAPCO Media. A direct mail copywriter, she co-founded Who’s Mailing What! with her husband Denny Hatch. Her previous position at NAPCO Media was Group President for the Target Marketing Group.

The Grand Slam breakfast has been sitting on Denny's menu since 1977. Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes haven't changed, but the brand wanted to find a way to remind people that the Slam, along with a handful of other classic but oft-overlooked diner staples like Moons Over My Hammy, were still as tasty as ever. But how? Instead of dumping a product past its best-before date to find something shiny and new for a

I left the office at noon on Tuesday and headed home through the driving snow, preparing for the latest Polar Vortex to begin its descent into Philadelphia. But, with the "always on, plugged in, virtual world" we live in today, work continues — just on the dining room table! This homebound situation has prompted me to tell you about some of the great eLearning events coming up ... available no matter where you are or what the weather!

It's that time of year to reflect and give thanks. And oh my goodness, I have much to be thankful for. On the personal side, Denny and I are both well and busy. We're just back from a Danube river cruise that brought us both rest and rejuvenation. Denny is excited as his new book "Write Everything Right!" is now in production and will be published by DMIQ in early 2014.

It seems like my bags have been perpetually packed recently. I'm just back from two events: the Publishing Business Conference & Expo (PBC) and All About Email LIVE! Luckily, I was able to sit in on some extraordinary sessions. A concept I heard multiple times was "community." Not subscribers, prospects, database, audience, consumers, but community.

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