Denise Elliott

Washington, D.C.-based publisher The Kiplinger Washington Editors conducts some rigorous testing for its large direct mail program, giving it quite an expansive perspective on what’s working in the mail at any given point. Denise Elliott, the firm’s vice president of sales and marketing, shared some of these valuable insights at list, data and interactive marketing services firm MeritDirect’s Co-op, held last month in Westchester, N.Y.

Searching for a different creative platform to test for your product or service? One that has worked well for various Kiplinger newsletters is the concept that the product is “too powerful” for the average person, says Denise Elliott, vice president of sales and marketing, Kiplinger, publisher of investment newsletters, magazines and guides. Elliott offered this idea during List Vision’s “50 DM Tips in 50 Minutes” session, moderated by direct marketing and circulation expert Stuart Jordan. According to Elliott, this message strategy challenges recipients to respond not only so they can assert that they are not “average” but also so recipients can ensure they are getting

Who you know has proven to be just as effective as what you know for publishing firm Kiplinger and its direct mail prospecting strategies. According to Denise Elliott, vice president of sales and marketing for this publisher of investment newsletters and magazines, marketers can find success in the mail by leveraging a list owner’s brand recognition and integrity to attract new customers. Elliott explained how such partnerships work during the “50 Tips in 50 Minutes” session at last week’s List Vision conference. Rather than do a straight rental deal of a noncompeting firm’s housefile, Kiplinger works with the list owner to develop a mailing that

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