Dear Ivan Levison

By Ivan Levison What's the right "tone" for e-mail copy? Should the writer be somber, serious, and businesslike, or more upbeat? I vote for the latter. My advice is to write with energy and enthusiasm. Let me show you how it sounds when you don't. Listen to this pitch from a Fortune 500 company. (Name changed.): You are invited to attend Anonotech's Real-Life Security Implementation - INTERNET BROADCAST June 2nd Review the basics of security and glean valuable lessons learned from a case study involving a $9 billion financial services company. Anonotech presents a unique opportunity to see and

By Ivan Levison So I'm sitting with my wife and another couple at The Lark Creek Inn restaurant in Larkspur, Calif. We've just finished enjoying some great appetizers and hearty main courses. Our waiter approaches the table, surveys the empty plates, and instead of handing us dessert menus, says, "I guess you don't want any dessert." What does he expect me to say? "No, my guests and I are all pigs, so we're going to cram down some pie and ice cream"? The waiter just didn't make it very easy for us to order. He shut us down. Dissolve: We're

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