David Trice

David Trice is co-founder and CEO of ENGAGE.cx., the leading experience-driven CRM for enterprise. Prior to launching ENGAGE.cx, Trice was VP of CRM at Oracle, where he led the launch of Oracle’s Fusion CRM.

The challenge today is the complexity involved in creating positive customer experiences. Messaging email, mobile, branding, loyalty programs — the number of ways marketing can impact customers’ view of a company can be overwhelming! Companies getting it right have the ability to give each customer a voice, and to create unique customer experiences as part of a customized journey to increase engagement and drive sales.

The script has been flipped. Today, customers control the buying process, and many traditional beliefs about loyalty and the sales funnel are obsolete. Because of these seismic changes in the customer relationship, marketers need instant and complete visibility into all the ways customers touch their businesses.

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