David Kravetz

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David Kravetz' story is the stuff of fairy tales. He's the co-founder of Fairytale Brownies, a Phoenix, Ariz.-based mail-order brownie gift company that started with a $14,000 investment and has grown to sales of almost $10 million. Kravetz has run the company's operations since its inception 16 years ago, when he and a childhood friend started the company with his mom's family recipe.

It's Difficult to Sell a Product If You Don't First Believe in it Yourself By Alicia Orr Suman What comes before the offer, takes precedence over creative, and is even more important than the mighty list? The product, of course. The fact that no marketing can take place until you have something to sell is obvious. What's not so apparent to some direct marketers is just how integral "product" is to everything else they do—from creative to customer service—and that together, all of these elements combine to determine success or failure. Something you believe in. Before the product can become the centerpiece of all

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