David King

Curtis Sparrer, principal of Bospar, is one of Business Insider’s “50 Best Public Relations People In The Tech Industry” and has led PR campaigns for both start-ups and big names, from PayPal to Tetris. Curtis was previously an Emmy-award winning executive producer at KRON-TV, the nation’s largest independent television station. He writes for Adweek, Forbes and O'Dwyer's.

Wikipedia is arguably the most useful site on the Internet. It’s also an essential marketing tool for boosting a company’s stature in crowded marketplaces, juicing organic search results, injecting a strong dose of legitimacy, and serving as a valuable resource for prospects and investors.

Enterprise segmentation, expensive and highly valued for the customer view it promises, should realize its value by helping create more effective marketing. But in a dynamic market, many businesses learn that this approach consumes too much time and too many resources to be truly effective.

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