David G. Benton

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The Rip-off vs. a Ripping Good Time March 16, 2006: Vol. 2, Issue No. 21 IN THE NEWS Resort Fees: Hotel Rate May Not Include All the Charges Hotel resort fees are making a comeback. With the decline in the lodging industry after 9/11, the fees, which cover everything from the use of a pool to housekeeping tips, began to vanish—if not from hotels' policies, then from guests' bills. A polite complaint was usually all it took to have a fee waived. No longer. —Christopher Elliott, The New York Times, March 12, 2006 When Don Jackson and I sat down at his kitchen

* Meanwhile, Crowe should have been reassured that a Verizon emergency crew had been summoned and would be working through the night to fix things. * Consider the management style of David G. Benton, general manager of Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Hotel as described by Tom Beldon in The Philadelphia Inquirer: To Benton, the Rittenhouse's financial performance flows directly from an atmosphere in which his 289 employees are comfortable making virtually any decision that directly affects a guest and "isn't illegal, immoral or dangerous."

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