David Beckham

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Clothing retailer H&M will go the extra yard during this year's Super Bowl with an ad that lets viewers not only ogle David Beckham, but also buy his underwear. Viewers with Samsung Smart TVs will be able to use their remote controls to buy products from Beckham's Bodywear line. The interactivity is made possible by Delivery Agent, an ad tech firm. During the H&M ad, a pop-up menu will appear for viewers with Samsung TVs. The menu will offer links to more information and also the ability to buy some of the items, which are sold via H&M. 

Mobile marketing offers a wealth of possibilities, and, with a bit of creativity and forward planning, you can create a fantastic mobile-based ad campaign that creates a real buzz. We have given some tips on how you can create better SMS marketing campaigns, but now we would like to share some of the best mobile marketing ads of all time. You might learn something from these brands and use it for your own business. Here are our five favourite ad campaigns from the marvellous world of mobile marketing: 1. Adidas Lights Up New York City

I was an official one day at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Ogden, Utah. When the U.S. Women’s Curling Team came off the ice after a game, I was assigned to follow one of the players around until she felt ready to present a urine sample. She yakked with friends and fans, made a cell phone call, downed some bottled water and smoked a cigarette. Eventually, she went into the lounge where the World Anti-Doping Agency had set up shop and my brief officialdom came to an end. I was introduced to her friends as “my watcher” and was uncomfortable the whole time. But

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