Dave Hendricks

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Google is just one arm of the ad-blocking monster, but it’s muscular. “Google Disabled 49% More Ads in 2015,” reports the Wall Street Journal on Thursday. Another appendage, Apple, recently gave 700 million of its customers ad blocking options, too. So will content marketing enable marketers to reach consumers?

As mobile use grows, marketers have fewer opportunities to employ cookies to track consumers and target them with online ads. This may be a distressing trend for some marketers, as Fluent CMO Jordan Cohen says his company's research reveals "60 percent of all ads are now displayed on mobile devices." It's one of the reasons many vendors use email addresses to track consumers online, including Facebook's Custom Audience Targeting and now, perhaps, Google's similar product. In both cases, however, marketers need to supply the vendors with their customers' email addresses in order to get started. This post will provide a few ideas for gathering more opt-ins from consumers before handing the information over to vendors like Google.

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