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While the natural onus of any entrepreneur is to acquire new leads, spending time on borderline or lapsed customers just makes sound business sense. They’re already in your database, they’re familiar with your product, and they’ve demonstrated a willingness to buy. Terry Jukes, founder and CEO of B2B Direct Marketing Intelligence, a Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based direct marketing consultancy, offers the following three suggestions on how to keep your B-to-B customers in the fold. 1. Maintain vigilance on lapsed accounts. Don’t let good customers go just because your contact is no longer with the company. Make it standard procedure to call any customer who has lapsed

As more forms of pull marketing come into play, companies are faced with learning a whole new way to interact with their target audiences. Online social networks, such as MySpace, YouTube and Friendster, can be daunting to those marketers more comfortable with Consumer Reports magazine than ConsumerReports.org. Heck, it’s daunting even to the tech savvy, simply because these new media vehicles represent uncharted territory with little in the way of testing history to guide your marketing efforts. Rachel Honig, COO of Digital Power and Light, an online marketing firm in New York City that designs digital promotions, offers a few insights on how to best

Challenge: Online retailer’s sales flat, Web site difficult to traverse Solution: Optimize Web site for navigation and on-site search Result: 45 percent increase in conversions, 100 percent increase in units sold per visit Online gift retailer Delightful Deliveries was in a slump. Sales at the eight-year-old company were steady, but slow, and far below the expectations of founder and CEO Eric Lituchy. Lituchy decided the site needed a radical update with an eye toward optimization. “Before, our search results were coming up all or none,” Lituchy explains. “We’d either be at the top of natural search lists or not at all. And although our products were pretty

According to Finding Time, a new study released last week by marketing consultancy Yankelovich, half of consumers across all income levels consider the lack of time a more pressing concern than a lack of money. At the height of the holiday shopping season, the study concludes, savvy marketers will recognize this and consider time saving the ultimate added value consumers are looking for. Target Marketing talked to David Bersoff, Yankelovich’s senior vice president and author of the study, about what it all means and how marketers can take advantage of this growing consumer attitude. Target Marketing: “Time is money” is not a new concept, especially in

One-stop Online Solution Enterprise marketing software provider smartFOCUS has introduced smartREACTION, a new solution for analyzing, managing and executing online campaigns. SmartREACTION combines the following functions into one solution: analysis of and access to customer information; planning and automation of campaign execution, including an integrated content management system; a platform for circulating multichannel communications across all online channels; and reporting and operational management charts. www.smartfocus.com The End of Click Fraud? Metasearch engine ABCSearch announced the launch of ClickShield, a new click fraud monitoring software. Based on natural user behavior patterns and other proprietary methods, ClickShield optimizes all ABCSearch network traffic in real time, ensuring all

Today’s consumers are bombarded with countless marketing messages trying to sell them everything under the sun. As a consequence, most people filter out as many of these messages as possible, notes Jim Murphy, CEO of Murphy Communications in Upper Darby, Pa. Murphy offered his expertise at the Marketing Magic: Successful Strategies in Online and Offline Direct Marketing seminar sponsored by the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association in November 2006. One way to cut through the clutter, says Murphy, is to focus squarely on what your product or service can provide for your customer, and be convincing enough to make the customer a true believer. After

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