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Taylor Knight is an associate content editor for Target Marketing and Total Retail. She enjoys writing and creating video content to interact with an audience.
Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Marketers invest oodles in Google ads, but they woke up Monday to #googlememo and #GoogleManifesto hashtags. The Twitter trends highlighted a sexist screed that circulated in the powerful Silicon Valley tech firm. Chances are, the search giant’s quarterly advertising revenue will remain in the billions, but will the public call for an Uber-style leadership ouster? And what will that mean for marketers?

For many people, their wallets and key chains are filled with loyalty cards and their phones stocked with loyalty apps. In fact, Americans are enrolled in about 18 different loyalty programs and participate in an average of eight. One rewards system may have the ability to change this — coalition loyalty allows brands to work together so members have variety when it comes to earning and redeeming rewards.

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