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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

The topic that's moved from the Federal Trade Commission's recommendations onto the front burner for Congress and the White House stayed front of mind for three panelists during the session "How the FTC's Recommendations for Online Privacy Will Impact Direct Marketers" at Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk 2011. A few of the key moments in the session are highlighted below.

In this session, originally broadcast during the 2011 Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Show, panelists discussed online privacy regulation in the wake of Federal Trade Commission recommendations, and how they could impact online marketers.  Panelists gave their insight on how the ubiquitous practice of behavioral tracking may encounter new federal oversight and talked about the following:

  • How will this affect direct marketers?
  • What steps are marketers taking to make it clear that they're doing a good job of policing themselves? (How many are actually adopting, for instance, the IAB/DMA/Etc. guidelines?)
  • What should marketers do if "do-not-track" becomes a reality?

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