Crystal Uppercue

The key to any successful marketing "conversation" and PURL campaign is its creative, of course. Does the copy and design engage the prospect? Does it grab her attention right away with the right combination of copy and images? Does the PURL stand out? Does the creative behind it prompt the prospect to visit her PURL?

While closely coordinated direct mail and email campaigns are both popular and successful today, perhaps the most effective demonstrations of the offline-online marriage are personalized URL (PURL) campaigns. This "marriage" is thoroughly explored in DirectMarketingIQ's recent report on personalized URLs.

Variable data projects are more expensive than traditional direct mail, so ignoring the basics can cost you. Disasters can be avoided if you keep your eye on three components that you're already familiar with in effective direct mail: data, testing and ROI.

As technology has evolved, so have consumers’ concerns surrounding the use of their personal data. Not only are they leery of providing information, consumers also are leery of who uses their personalized data and for what purposes. Marketers can ease their customers' concerns by taking precautions, especially surrounding their online marketing efforts. Here are a few tips to think about when creating a personalized URL (PURL) campaign:

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