Craig Lamb

When prospects are still thinking about turkey dinners on Thanksgiving, direct mailers are one step ahead-dropping packages in November and December to stoke holiday activity. In the nonprofit sector, many packages arrive around holiday time, weighed down with freemiums such as gift wrap, gift bags, gift tags, calendars, address labels and stickers, among other items to help prospects with gift giving and ringing in the new year.

From time to time, words alone are simply not enough to communicate a story—even for the most eloquent. Intensity and emotion are, at times, better conveyed through imagery, and with its newest acquisitions control, FINCA witnessed firsthand the impact of showing versus telling. For almost a decade, the Washington, D.C.–based nonprofit—which provides financial services to the world’s lowest income entrepreneurs—depended on a steadfast control to acquire new donors. It was a copy-driven package that consisted of a compelling four-page letter, reply form and envelope, but lacked premiums or graphics. But when the organization decided to tap into its relatively new collection of photography to

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