Telecomm isn't the first sector you'd think of when the idea of "friendly mail" is floated. But with the digital age upon us, that's exactly what's required these days for many prospects who are uncertain about how to transition fully into the digital communication technologies and are even more concerned about the pricing.

By Lisa Yorgey This January, the German government announced its plans to scrap two laws that have been thorns in the side for direct marketers doing business in Germany. Enacted in the protectionist era of the 1930s, the first law limited companies from offering consumers discounts of more than 3 percent. The second piece of legislation, which has attracted a good deal of press coverage in the past few years, was its bonus gift act. This law forbade any free giveaway of significant value with a purchase. U.S. cataloger Lands' End was most notably affected by this piece of legislation. Following the launch

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