Condoleeza Rice

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Why Such Shock and Horror at the Obvious? Jan. 31, 2006: Vol. 2, Issue No. 8 IN THE NEWS Rice Admits U.S. Underestimated Hamas Strength LONDON, Jan. 29 — Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice acknowledged Sunday that the United States had failed to understand the depth of hostility among Palestinians toward their longtime leaders. The hostility led to an election victory by the militant group Hamas that has reduced to tatters crucial assumptions underlying American policies and hopes in the Middle East. —Steven R. Weisman, The New York Times, Jan. 30, 2006 GM net loss $4.8 billion, much worse than expected DETROIT (Reuters)

Their work can be all about them Nov. 8, 2005: Vol. 1, Issue No. 46 IN THE NEWS The Book on a Graphics Superhero Mr. Kidd's home is more like a very expensive toy store. It reflects the same graphic punch seen in his book covers, which helped transform the American book jacket from a decorative bit of packaging into a striking evocation of the writing it contained. Its items are arranged like a pocket shrine, as much a carefully curated archive of Mr. Kidd's obsessions and evolving eye as his new book, "Chip Kidd, Book One: Work: 1986-2006," published this month by Rizzoli.

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