Claude Hopkins

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Last week, I had a dream — and in it, Karen Carpenter and I were friends. The following night, I had a similar dream — and this time it was Carly Simon. I literally went to bed the next night hoping for a Roberta Flack visitation.

B2B marketing has experienced myriad changes over the past four decades. The changes involve both the environment in which B2B prospects work, as well as the methodologies of marketing to these prospects. That said, the essential core of marketing has always been the same and remains unchanged

Since this is the Target Marketer of the Year issue, let’s reflect on the great marketers of all time. Here are the mentors I wish I had. To this day I continue to read their work and marvel how their marketing philosophy, smarts and rules of the road apply directly to the data-mania environment of today.

Just like pictures of Santa have changed since 1923, so have the ways we use pictures in advertising. There’s Claude Hopkins’ way and most everyone else’s. This week’s chapter of "Scientific Advertising" — Art in Advertising — highlights the difference between the two schools: direct response and branding.

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