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The idea that Microsoft, Intel, Google and IBM have banded together to figure out how to deal with the information overload they made—the glut of e-mail, instant messaging and cell phoning that we’re all drowning

Whenever things go wrong and I get depressed, my wife Peggy says, “Cheer up, nobody is shooting at us.” I used to know Francey Smith, who ran the Bloomingdale’s catalog for years. She was a marketing genius who combined database wizardry with great merchandising savvy. She was one of the best in the world at what she did. Now the Bloomingdale’s catalog, which has been around since 1886, is being killed off by Macy’s. It has an active file of 472,609 12-month mail-order buying households. A ballpark estimate would be that each household has an average of four people, which means a total of

If the Iraq War is considered a business model, it is unraveling—just like General Motors (and Ford and DaimlerChrysler). A number of knowledgeable experts have declared our Iraq incursion not to be winnable. It does not take a language scholar to read between the lines of General Abizaid’s and General Pace’s testimony to see that the Pentagon is beginning to agree. That’s because no one has a clue about how to deal with three 800-pound guerrillas. The three 800-pound guerillas are al Qaeda plus Sunni and Shi’a murderers that are turning Baghdad into a scene reminiscent of Michelangelo’s “Last Judgment” on the altar wall of the

By Donna Baier Stein Ever hear of a man named Henry George? Einstein, Tolstoy and Churchill were big supporters of his. He wrote a book called "Progress and Poverty." He ran for mayor of New York City in 1886 and outpolled Teddy Roosevelt. George probably is best known for his single tax theory and, if I understand it correctly, the thought that people and companies should earn money based on the value of what they contribute, rather than on our current supply-and-demand system. It's tricky to assign value, of course. Should Britney Spears earn so much more than a really good grade

Winning and Whining to Guarantee Sky-High Ratings IN THE NEWS By all appearances, Andy Reid is poised to make the biggest mistake of his head coaching career this morning. If Reid welcomes Terrell Owens back to his team, he turns the Eagles' 2005 season over to the most immature and selfish athlete in all of professional sports. The team Reid has carefully built into one of the best in the NFL will officially be in the hands of the last man anyone at the NovaCare Complex can trust. --Phil Sheridan "Birds will pay if they allow

I write this the day before Ronald Reagan’s funeral, 10 minutes after this alert popped up in my inbox: 3:46 AM Remembering Ronald Reagan The prior weekend, TV news had a nervous breakdown. In Normandy, France, the highly emotional commemoration of the 60th anniversary of D-Day was in progress. A large contingent of 80-year-old men who had saved the world were saying good-bye to each other and to France for the last time. When word came from California that Ronald Reagan was dead after his long, sad bout with Alzheimer’s, TV news went into Reagan frenzy, totally eclipsing

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