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Chuck McLeester's blog explores issues about marketing and marketing measurement. He is a marketing strategist and analyst with experience in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, pet products, travel/hospitality, publishing and other categories. He spent several years as a client-side direct marketer and 25 years on the agency side developing expertise in direct, digital, and relationship marketing. Now he consults with marketers and advertising agencies to create measurable marketing programs.

Jeremy Zimmerman is Associate Content Editor for Target Marketing magazine and Direct Marketing IQ.

One of the biggest changes Target Marketing saw in healthcare marketing during 2017 was the move to the cloud, which we predict will only continue. Here are a few more insights into 2018 from industry insiders.

Some brands selling food or operating restaurants think of themselves as healthcare marketers. The FDA often stops these claims in marketing, but some glaring exceptions seem to apply. And a recent extensive article in the New York Times about KFC’s marketing in Ghana brings that into focus, prompting the question of whether healthcare marketers should specifically address fast food ads in their patient marketing.

Sometimes there are just no words. So there are poop emojis aimed at helping patients with constipation communicate their symptoms to their physicians in a clear and immediate way that will facilitate better medication compliance, thanks to the company that brought the world “The Poop Troop Emojis.”

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” Whether he actually said those words is in question, but the idea is not new and the concept should be put to the test whenever you’re developing strategic solutions.

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