Chris Lucas

Chris Lucas is the VP of Marketing at Indianapolis, IN-based Formstack, a robust platform that helps users of all industries better engage with their customers and manage data.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

If you’re responsible for display advertising at your business (or even if you’re not), chances are you’ve heard the buzz about the new functionality that blocks display ads on mobile devices. In September, Apple announced that it was allowing ad blocking applications in its App Store with the latest iOS 9 software update. This news left a lot of marketers scratching their heads about the state of their mobile ad campaigns.

Google AdWords’ recent update to conversion tracking reporting boasts better customization options and more control for marketers. But what does this really mean? First, the changes point to a continued transition by AdWords to target more experienced marketers. Second, the updates support the necessity of data analysis and campaign optimization, giving marketers a better look into intricate customer journeys.

Today's mobile marketing landscape is more competitive than ever. CNN Money made "marketing consultant" No. 2 on its list of best jobs in America a few years back, and today, more and more enterprising young professionals are flocking to the field. The good news is, the industry is ripe with opportunity for new marketers to dig in their heels and make an impact for their brands. The bad news? Seasoned professionals know that it takes more than a degree to be successful in this business.

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