Chris Brogan

I was late coming to Instagram, probably because they were late releasing it to Android. I also fell out of love with Facebook a few years ago, but have snuck back in to look around some more. One last piece: Pinterest (or my beloved “dude version,” Gentlemint). It’s the Junkweb. ... I was talking with Julien Smith the other day, and he said (only 1/8th jokingly), “photos with text over them are the new big thing.” Then, he said it with conviction. Have you noticed your Facebook stream lately?

Have you ever left a comment on a blog? How do you feel when the author replies? As we’re all ushered into this age of social media, each and every one of us is looking for ways to form stronger relationships with our audience, especially with current and potential customers. There are many ways to discuss how to cultivate and build relationships. I want to focus on blog comments—an often poorly understood and very underutilized tactic by individuals and businesses.

Have you created a Google+ Page for your business? In this article, I’ll show you what three top pages are doing. Still in its infancy, Google+ has become a very hot topic. Amid concern that this “new kid on the block” couldn’t compete in a social media landscape owned by Facebook, some have opted to dismiss the platform entirely. While Google+ and Google+ business pages are still in the early stages, there is growing evidence that they’re here to stay.

This week, I unfollowed everyone on Twitter. That was over 131,000 people. I didn’t do it manually, but rather, with some help (ask @jesse, if you need custom help like that). My reason was that I’d started receiving over 200 direct message spams a day. (These messages said things like “lol, look at this funny photo,” with a link that would enslave my account to send similar messages.) I learned a few things in the process.

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