Chicca D'Agostino

Chicca D'Agostino, president, Focus USA Given recent developments, it appears unlikely that we will be able to prevent future legislation. The best we can do is try to mitigate it. Apart from data security, another major issue is how we treat consumers via our advertising messages. All of us—brokers, managers and list owners—need to screen advertising offers. Don't rent or broker names unless you have seen the offer. If you feel it invades a consumer's privacy, reveals specific details about a family, is deceptive, or is not in compliance with GLB, FACTA and other laws—try to have the copy corrected … or reject

When it comes to prospecting with compiled lists, it's imperative that the data used to create them are accurate. "All data on a file is subject to scrutiny to ensure the overall integrity of the information," write ALC of New York LLC's Andy Ostroy and Margaret Iadeluca in their article "Sleuthing Compiled Lists." This comment could just as easily pertain to the scandal surrounding data broker ChoicePoint's sale of sensitive personal information to criminals who posed as legitimate business owners. One of the sticking points for privacy advocates and some congressmen investigating the need for tighter data protection is that not only do

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