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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Marketing Sustainably: A blog posting questions, opportunities, concerns and observations on sustainability in marketing. Chet Dalzell has 25 years of public relations management and expertise in service to leading brands in consumer, donor, patient and business-to-business markets, and in the field of integrated marketing. He serves on the DMA International ECHO Awards Board of Governors, as an adviser to the Direct Marketing Club of New York and Marketing Idea eXchange, and is senior director, communications and industry relations, with the Digital Advertising Alliance. Chet loves UConn Basketball (men's and women's) and Nebraska Football (that's just men, at this point), too! 

Recently, I was on a train when I saw a connection request on LinkedIn from a former colleague of mine initiating a job search. Upon having accepted, LinkedIn sends a confirmation that includes a search and listing of all your email contacts and asks if you want to send out connection requests to them, as well.

"Direct" may be the most controversial word in marketing. Some read it as any marketing that is directly addressable to individual recipients, but, for many others, the word "direct" means "direct mail." Which brings us to Monday morning at &THEN 2016 ...

“Our machines should be nothing more than tools for extending the powers of the human beings who use them,” Thomas Watson Jr. That quote, from IBM’s founder, is on the site of IBM Watson. I’ve spent this past week admiring artificial intelligence (AI) — or “cognitive business” as IBM positions itself...

In the United States, in recent years we’ve experienced Tea Partiers, "The Big Short," Occupy Wall Street and now Trump (not a linear progression). The art of politicking to achieve overall public good — our version of democracy — seems woefully dysfunctional. Talk about angry (and ugly). Positioning a brand — authentically — as an agent for good in a world that may not appear so good is perhaps the breakthrough all of us need.

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