Clean your international data files to maximize opportunity By Charles Bouton Ensuring data quality in foreign address data is a complex process. International postal regulations and requirements differ greatly. Most countries have their own addressing standards, and few postal administrations have commercially available postal databases, even fewer with complete data. In addition, some countries such as Belgium and Switzerland use more than one language and more than one address format. The tremendous growth of direct marketing is turning a growing number of companies into worldwide businesses. Companies that have a presence on the Web are, in effect, global businesses and can expect inquiries

By Paul Geller Editor's note: Lois Geller has been speaking all over the country, so we asked her son Paul, a copywriter from Bethesda, MD, to fill in for her this month. We think you'll enjoy this! Since I was a wee lad, my mother has been a direct marketer working for advertising agencies, universities and other organizations. Since the mid-1970s, I've seen thousands of her mailings, some of which were incredible. And so were the projects, such as marketing commemorative Charles and Diana wedding stamps from the Bailiwick of Guernsey; selling automobiles to Canadian women; and pitching vitamin-of-the-month club memberships. One

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