Charles Prescott

By Doug Sacks In June 2002, Mexico made public, data protection legislation that was introduced in the Mexican Senate a year earlier. The language of this legislation resembles the Spanish interpretation of the EU Directive on Data Protection, which strictly regulates the use of data. The Mexican legislation was passed by the Senate, but has not been passed by the Congress. In the interim, leading Mexican direct marketing companies have formed a privacy committee within the Mexican DMA (AMMD) that has been actively meeting with industry and government leaders. Its goal is to ensure the legislation will treat all parties fairly. An enactment

By Lisa Yorgey How to navigate the legal transfer of data from Europe to the United States The capture and use of personal data for marketing purposes is a common practice in the United States. In other parts of the world, however, policies and laws regarding the use of personal data for such purposes are far more restrictive. The most notable piece of global privacy legislation that affects U.S. companies is the European Data Protection Directive, which requires specific measures be met before data are transferred outside the European Union (EU). When implementation of this directive threatened the flow of data

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