Charles Lindbergh

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I disagree with Michelle Higgins. She is a whiner and a handwringer. Getting on a plane is emphatically NOT “roughly akin to entering the ninth circle of hell.” It’s a miracle. The late author and critic Alfred Kazin said his idea of happiness was settling into an airliner seat with a book, a notebook and a martini. Amen. Jet planes have taken me higher and faster and to places around the world only dreamed of by my grandparents—and usually for only a few hundred bucks. If you want to spend $400 to $3000 or more an hour to fly in obscene luxury, plenty of

New York Yankees’ pitcher Cory Lidle loved flying and bought himself a Cirrus SR 20, a high performance airborne hotrod that’s supposedly built for safety. The Cirrus promotional pitch proclaims that “TAWS (Terrain Awareness Warning System), now a standard installation on all CIRRUS SRV, SR20 and SR22 aircraft, helps keep you clear of terrain and obstacles while SKYWATCH™ alerts you to airborne traffic.” Cirrus is the only plane equipped with a 55-foot parachute, which in an emergency, will explode through the roof of the plane—much like an airbag in an automobile—allowing the plane to float to earth and hit with the thump equivalent to jumping off

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