Chance the Rapper

Melissa Ward is the managing editor for Target Marketing, and she has opinions! More importantly, she's a nerd for great copy and design, a disciple of authenticity, and really loves it when marketers get it right.

It's 2018 marketers ... time to start acting like it. In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa shares a recent Heineken light beer ad deemed racist by many, and reminds marketers that tone-deaf marketing will not be tolerated in today's world.

Chance the Rapper didn't appreciate Hostess Snacks' social media efforts this week. In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa reminds marketers that they can't just use someone's name and brand to promote their products ... and if they do, backlash is guaranteed.

Chance the Rapper has taken 2016 by storm, from his new album "Coloring Book" to launching his line of Chicago White Sox hats that sold out much to fans' dismay. He's been able to make major strides in each of his endeavors, so much so that some call him a marketing genius.

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