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A Veto That Probably Destroyed Eight Million Dreams This is the saga of two high profile, deeply flawed organizations joining forces to create a public relations catastrophe--New York City and the U.S. Olympic Committee. What happened? A bunch of rich city slickers were able to con the rubes from Colorado Springs into choosing the Sour Apple over San Francisco for an Olympic venue. But they could not con the canny pols in Albany and Manhattan into selling them the land at below-market value and ponying up $300 million of taxpayer dollars so the New York Jets football team could have a spiffy new stadium.

* A possible scenario: When a multimillion dollar deal with a long completion cycle is in the works, hire a top jury consultant to research the cast of characters--right down to their children, hobbies, charities, pets and golf handicaps. Have that consultant then quietly take notes at all meetings, listen in on all phone conversations and monitor all written correspondence to chart the progress and keep the negotiations on course. * Above all, do not make any kind of announcement in the media until everyone has signed off on the project. Replies to queries from the press should be simply: "It is being looked

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