Brian Lewis

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

A few days after Google upended the e-commerce marketing world with the announcement of upcoming changes to what will now be called Google Shopping, many retailers and marketers we spoke with are positive about the switch, though there are definitely some serious concerns. You’d think taking a product from free to paid would cause an outcry (and there is some of that)—but for many, instead, it’s an answer to long time concerns—concerns about control.

Think of the work it takes converting a visitor to a customer as similar to baking a batch of the perfect award-winning chocolate chip cookies. For your award-winning cookies, you need to first identify all of the right ingredients, and then gather, measure and mix those high-quality ingredients in just the right quantity and in the right order. Mismeasure the flour, or settle for a lower quality grade of chocolate, and you're headed straight down the path to mediocrity.

In last month's DirectMarketingIQ webinar, "Landing Page Best Practices for Multichannel Marketers and Direct Mailers," one of the most important voices in the land of landing pages, Brian Lewis, showed how to greatly improve conversions from your landing page. After the webinar wrapped, Lewis took on a few choice questions from marketers like you, and these were his answers.

Headlines and offers are key components to conversion performance. But there is a third factor that is paramount to successful conversion and it plays a much larger role in online conversions: the optimized landing page.

Indebted consumers searching Google for "financial freedom" and a chance to reduce their bills were 101 percent more likely to convert to 800-number callers of San Diego-based debt settlement firm Fidelity Debt Solutions after the company optimized its paid search landing page.

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