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George Patton and his sublime moment May 11, 2006: Vol. 2, Issue No. 37 IN THE NEWS One Man's Crusade Stan Wojtusik's tireless effort has paved the way for Battle of the Bulge veterans to be honored. ARLINGTON, Va. — As a 19-year-old in World War II, Stan Wojtusik was forced to surrender to the Germans along with his entire regiment. That might have been the last time he ever gave up in anything. The former private first class, now 80, has been on a personal mission for years to build monuments—here, there and, it seems, everywhere—to the Battle of

By Denny Hatch 1. World War II Leadership World War II was arguably the greatest struggle between good and evil in the history of the world (so far). And the good guys won for one reason only—the miraculous confluence of gifted men without whom we might be eating sushi for Thanksgiving and sauerbraten for Christmas. Etched in the memory of my childhood and historical readings ever since are the towering achievements of Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, Marshall, Nimitz, Eisenhower, MacArthur, Bradley, Patton, Montgomery and Zhukov. 2. Man Walks on the Moon As a kid I read science fiction, but nothing compared to the science

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