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American shoppers love deals. We love bargains. We love to save money. We love coupons. Those free standing inserts (FSIs) loaded with discount—or “cents-off”—coupons that clog our newspapers every Sunday and give hernias to the delivery people are there for a reason: They move merchandise. In 2006, 270 billion coupons were distributed—roughly 2,500 for every household in the U.S. Wait in line at any supermarket checkout counter and you will see shoppers happily redeeming them. Kristina Davis of Marietta, Georgia, told Steve Lohr of The New York Times that by clipping coupons from the Sunday paper and redeeming them at the supermarket, she saves 30% to 40% every

Is Half Your Advertising Wasted? It is imperative to make and offer and close the loop. Feb. 16, 2006: Vol. 2, Issue No. 13 IN THE NEWS Retailers shift ad strategies in digital age CHICAGO (Reuters) - U.S. retailers are experimenting with new advertising strategies as they try to reach customers who fast-forward through television spots, block Internet pop-up ads and do not subscribe to newspapers. Television advertising isn't going away any time soon, and newspapers will remain a primary means of letting customers know about special sales, but retail marketing executives are increasingly turning to glossy direct-mail catalogs, online coupons and even

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