Blaine Mathieu

Email continues to be a powerful online marketing performer, but it is becoming increasingly critical to develop 
effective email design that showcases compelling content. That's because email subscribers and the tools they use for reading email are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Plus, ISPs are focusing more closely on subscriber/email interactions to gauge the legitimacy of email senders.

To stand out from the crowd in your customer's inbox, it's critical for marketers to design their emails with deliverability, readability and action in mind, states Lyris CMO Blaine Mathieu in his contributed chapter of the DirectMarketingIQ special report, "All About Email Creative: Trends, Best Practices and Case Studies."

With mobile phone penetration at 90 percent in the U.S., according to CTIA, and about half of this wireless phone-carrying audience actively using SMS messaging, mobile marketing is on the cusp of rapid adoption.

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