Bill Herr

By Russell Kern It's called lead generation, not purchase order generation, for a reason. On returning from this year's DMA Direct Marketing to Business conference in Orlando, Fla., I was surprised to have heard that B-to-B direct marketers still struggle with the results from their lead generation campaigns. At the trade show, I heard many conversations about how sales managers are complaining to direct marketing managers that their campaigns are not generating enough qualified leads. Worse, sales seems to be increasing its criticism of marketing for not knowing how to do its job. What sales seems to be asking direct marketers is: Why can't

Seminars long have been a staple for B-to-B marketers looking to generate leads for their sales people. Whether at hotels, over the Web or at alternative venues such as movie theaters, increasing attendance at events is becoming more difficult. Here are five ideas to boost your odds for seminar success: 1. Identify your goals upfront. When asked for their event attendance goals, many marketers will say “as many as possible.” While circumstances vary, a comfortable benchmark for attendance goals can range from 1 percent to 5 percent of your opportunity universe—more if you have compelling content and a prior relationship with your audience; less

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