Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Influencers brands need to know are ones who could help them with their marketing. But the others they must learn about are the ones who are so influential, they could damage their brands with a single post on social media. That’s why Digital Third Coast studied the latter and found 24 such influencers.

Social influence can equal a 14% increase in tourism if travel marketers do it right. And if they do it right, they’re mastering social media influence and influencers. Officials in New Zealand’s Lake Wanaka partnered with social media influencers who created that 14% customer lift after the visitors praised the region on Instagram.

Whenever I got into childhood arguments with my dad, he would always win by saying, “There’s your version, my version and the truth.” When brands are looking for engagement, should they look for a good brawl, a la Taylor Swift and Kanye West, or stick with the truth?

Beyoncé may be landing on the hot seat along with Airbnb. On Wednesday, Queen Bey was trending on Facebook for singing the praises of Airbnb on Monday in her post about where she stayed during the Super Bowl. At issue: Did the brand pay her for the endorsement? If so, FTC regulations dictate disclosure.

Celebrities are only as good as their fans for brands. While Beyoncé may be the queen of Instagram, notably marketing her self-titled album on the platform, she did so for her own brand. Rihanna, on the other hand, was a huge endorsement win for Jeep. The explanation about this and

The release of a blockbuster album has historically come with a few standard marketing moves. Flood the radio with an early single. Book as many TV appearances as possible. Line up partnerships with big retailers and consumer brands. But at midnight on Thursday, when Beyoncé released her latest album, she did none of those things. Instead, she merely wrote, “Surprise!” to her more than eight million Instagram followers, and the full album—all 14 songs and 17 videos of it—appeared for sale on iTunes

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