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To set the stage, yesterday Google announced a new “Freshness” Update, which had an effect on 35% of all queries. Barry wrote a great post about it on Search Engine Land and Rand and Mike followed up with a great Whiteboard Friday documenting some of the early observations from SEOs. But beyond the news of the update, I’d like to look at some of the potential methodologies used by search engines to implement this update.

I think about business—and business models and how to grow a business—before dawn every day. The dog and I are out in all weather every morning at 5, and the action—and inaction—on the streets of South Philly is fascinating—small businesses showing the best American tradition of entrepreneurship. Every place of business that I come in contact with—or see from the street—is a source for new ideas. Starbucks On the corner of Third and South streets is a Starbucks, which moved in when a rather disreputable, grungy pizza place moved out. The facilities are always clean and neat and in the very early morning you

Marketers Need to Prepare Now For The Aging of The Baby Boom—Or Risk Losing Out on a Huge Opportunity By Alicia Orr Suman Between 1946 and 1964 in the post-WWII population bubble called the baby boom, 76 million Americans were born. In 2006, the baby boom will turn 60, and the leading edge of the baby boom generation will approach retirement and "senior" status. According to a new AARP study, Boomers at Midlife: The AARP Life Stage Study, boomers are drawn together by their collective experiences. As members of one of the largest generations in American history, they've experienced Vietnam and Watergate, the

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