Barbara Mikulski

A Senate bill aimed at saving the U.S. Postal Service would make it harder to close thousands of low-revenue post offices and end Saturday mail delivery, even though the struggling agency says those moves are just what’s needed to reduce its massive debt and become profitable again. The measure takes steps to help the agency avert bankruptcy as early as this fall, through a cash infusion of $11 billion to pay off debt and reduce costs by offering retirement incentives to 100,000 employees. But the bill sidesteps decisions on postal closings, buying time for lawmakers who would rather avoid …

"Donors of principle," fundraising guru Roger Craver once wrote, can be motivated to contribute "as though the quality of their very lives depended on the gifts." He was speaking of direct mail at the time, but an email appeal sent on April 28th by EMILY's List illustrates all of the ingredients Craver cites as essential for success.

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