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A legend in his own time, Hughes was a popular direct marketing speaker, author, blogger and more. Family and friends report Arthur Middleton Hughes passed away on Aug. 20 after a heart attack. The Ft. Lauderdale resident was 86. … "Since the original publication in 1994 and now in its fourth edition, Arthur Middleton Hughes' seminal text 'Strategic Database Marketing' has been providing students and marketing professionals with the most thorough guide available on the design and customization of an effective database program," Mary Glenn, Associate Publisher, Business, McGraw-Hill Professional, tells Target Marketing. "A pioneer in the field of database marketing, Hughes was a key developer of RFM for Windows, a software product for advanced marketing to customers. McGraw-Hill Education is proud to have him on our list of bestselling and influential authors."

One of the frequently asked questions about email marketing is "How often should I mail?" Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet. The answer will depend on how robust your email program is, your email preference center, how diligent you are as a marketer, etc. So to begin, let's explore the cons and the pros of frequency.

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Let's face it: A great way to gauge how you're doing from an email marketing standpoint is by tracking how you compare with industry standards around email benchmarks. This session will discuss the Measurement Accuracy initiative of the DMA/eec - which intends to standardize the basic reporting and measurements on email - like render rate, click through rate and accepted rate- as well as go over email industry averages on measurements such as opens, clicks, unsubscribes, undeliverables, emails sent, most popular day of the week and time to send emails, etc.

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Have you ever taken the time to calculate the lifetime value of an e-mail subscriber? To do so costs you almost nothing, but the knowledge can be of great value to you, particularly when it comes to determining how much to invest in e-mail subscriber acquisition. To explain this, let's start by comparing the value of postal addresses and e-mail addresses. The cost to rent an individual's postal address is between four cents and 15 cents; however, to rent the same individual's e-mail address can cost 10 times that amount.

In a session he led at last week's All About eMail Virtual Conference & Expo, presented by eM+C, Arthur Middleton Hughes, senior strategist for email marketing services provider e-Dialog, served up several techniques marketers can use to acquire more email subscribers. Here are Hughes’ tips:

Pegg Nadler loves the unknown. Where others see challenges, she sees opportunities. Where others fear change, she fears boredom. These are some of the qualities that have driven her 30-year direct marketing career, the bulk of which she's spent advancing database marketing operations at commercial and nonprofit organizations and giving back to the direct marketing community. And they're why she's Target Marketing magazine's Direct Marketer of the Year.

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