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By Lisa Yorgey Lester, Managing Editor By now, we've all heard the proclamations that more than half of all CRM programs have failed to achieve a return on investment. Why have so many CRM initiatives been deemed failures? Is it the fault of the people, the process, the technology? Perhaps the problem is in the planning—or lack thereof, as Arthur Hughes, dirctor of database marketing strategy at DoubleClick, proposes in "A Failing Grade." Hughes contends companies are spending far too much money on data warehouses and million-dollar software. "Many companies believe a data warehouse and CRM software will achieve profitability. This is a mistake,"

The Differences Between CRM and Database Marketing by Bob McKim Even with all of the hoopla surrounding customer relationship management (CRM) these days, it's only now that management is beginning to wonder: Is there a difference between CRM and database marketing? They're also asking the bottom-line question: What can we really expect in return for all the money we're pouring into CRM? Both disciplines have similar and overlapping characteristics, such as providing a 360-degree view of the customer and integrating all the data into a common system. While implementation costs can be similar, CRM appears to be the more expensive exercise. CRM

"A fundamental mistake in database marketing is to focus on price instead of service," says Arthur Hughes in "2,239 Tested Secrets for Direct Marketing Success," by Denny Hatch and Don Jackson. "Database marketing is a very inefficient way to distribute coupons or discounts. Mass marketing is in place for that. Once you have acquired a customer, concentrate on personal, helpful service and forget price. Your goal is to keep customers for a lifetime."

Reported by Kelly J. Andrews There's no doubt the direct marketing industry is thriving. Survey after survey shows that both revenues and profits are up, and research companies predict that the future will remain rosy for years to come. However, that bright and happy big picture is made up of lots of small ones—thousands of direct marketers that each have a unique story, strategy and perspective. To find out what's happening at ground level, we conducted a State of the Industry survey that took a close look at direct marketers across the country. The direct marketers we surveyed are a cross-section of

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