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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Kat Powers leads the content team at CabinetM, as the editorial director. CabinetM is a platform enabling full lifecycle support around digital tool discovery, qualification, implementation and management by individual marketers and throughout enterprise organizations. Before joining CabinetM, Kat was a spokesman with the American Red Cross, serving as Chief of Disaster Public Affairs during the Boston Marathon Bombing relief effort. The book she wrote after leaving the Red Cross, “The Week That Made Boston Strong” focused on fellow communications pros who responded during the crisis. Before joining the Red Cross, Kat was a newsroom leader for 19 years, building a generation of reporters in the Greater Boston area. An award-winning journalist in her own right, Kat’s work has been highlighted in textbooks, classrooms and as a lecturer at the Poynter Institute. She continues to mentor journalists, preferring now to bask in their accomplishments. When she’s not writing or pedaling slowly on her bicycle, she’s debating at least one of her three sons.

What marketing tool are you most like? Are you the number-crunching analytics tool or the dreamy content creating tool reaching for the stars?

I have faith that marketers will agree “rapey” is not quite the word you want associated with your brand. Even Bloomingdale’s agrees with that now. On Wednesday, a brand spokeswoman sent Target Marketing an apology for the ad in its catalog that appears to encourage date rape.

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