Andrew Harper

Landing pages are a critical tool for meeting your ever-increasing lead generation goals. Actually, only 8 percent of marketers reported that dedicated landing pages were ineffective, according to MarketingSherpa's 2011 Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report. I'm not sure what those 8 percent are doing, but the effectiveness of landing pages for the other 92 percent of marketers hinges on one component that isn't often discussed—visitors have to trust you enough to give away their personal information on your landing page forms to obtain your offers. The thing is, we've all been burned too many times by companies that don't …

You probably have never heard of an eccentric entrepreneur named Andrew Harper who lives in Sun Valley, MT. Not unless you maintain an income level in excess of $600,000 and frequently vacation to safari lodges in South Africa and the country inns of Western New England. These affluent individuals subscribe to the Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report, a monthly newsletter about off-the-beaten-path, unspoiled getaway spots written by none other than Andrew Harper. While running a small operation in the mountains of Montana with an intimate staff, Harper records his eclectic travel experiences and delivers an exclusive, underground-guru report to 25,000 readers worldwide. In its

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