Amy Benicewicz

If location is any measure of success, that this year's Insert Day will be held in the Big Apple suggests that insert media as a sector is gaining more visibility. And nothing fosters success like more success. According to research conducted by Leon Henry Inc., about 60 new insert programs entered the market in the first six months of 2005. Given that Media Horizons puts the number of programs with annual circulations of 500,000 or more at 650, this growth spurt is a promising sign for a prospecting channel that used to be considered "alternate." And yet it's hard to define the size

Edited by Irene Cherkassky What information does a mailer need to share with a broker? Amy Benicewicz, vice president, The Catamount Group It's important to divulge all of the information that will enable your broker to use their industry expertise, networking and negotiating skills to best serve you. Here are the most important pieces of information for you to share with your broker:

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