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By Alicia Orr Suman Have telemarketers gotten nicer? As a member of the direct marketing community, I have not put my name on the state Do-Not-Call (DNC) list. And I've noticed of late an increased level of politeness from the people who call me on the phone to sell some product or service. Is this my imagination? The answer to that question isn't really important. But it raises a point: With fewer names in their calling pools—as a result of more Americans asking that their names be put on DNC lists—telemarketers should be doing all they can to make sure every call is

By Alicia Orr Suman HAVE YOU BEEN TO A MALL LATELY? Check out the fashions sported by the teenage girls: In their low-slung jeans and halter tops, they look like flashbacks to the 1970s. Walk into the music store, and they're promoting the Beatles' album (which, by the way, my 5-year-old daughter thinks is "cool"). I thought I was alone in noticing this 1960s-1970s redux. Then I read a column by Karen Heller in The Philadelphia Inquirer's Sunday Magazine last weekend about the state of fashion, music and popular culture today. Basically, it said that there's nothing new. Everything's been recycled—a throwback to the

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