Alice Zea

"Sometimes the best moves are the ones you don't make," counsels Max Hart, president of Disabled American Veterans. This advice becomes even more insightful when paired with Hart's background in direct marketing. After putting in some time at Procter & Gamble learning the ins and outs of marketing, Hart fell into the direct marketing industry by landing a job at R.L. Polk where he marshalled the purchase and expedition of vehicle title information. During his years at the data compiler, he was lucky to run across not one but two mentors. Tom Maloney, a vice president at R.L. Polk, hired him for this beginning

A child born with cataracts sees the world and his parents as shadows. Due to glaucoma, this young mother could barely see her baby girl. A 90-minute operation could cure this young girl. SightFlight—it's their only hope of ever seeing again. You can make blind eyes see. Without the benefit of a globally recognized name like the Red Cross or even an obvious cause like the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ORBIS—an organization dedicated to fighting blindness worldwide—knew it had a tough task ahead when it set its sights on mailing to solicit donations in the United States. In

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