Alan Rimm-Kaufman

With key phrases replacing keywords in search engine marketing (SEM) and driving the long-tail economy, marketers continue to look for tools to maximize paid search conversions and create more efficient organic search. In this report, Alan Rimm-Kaufman zeroes in on three big ideas to: maximize brand search, grow your paid search program and intelligently use “the big four” social media networks to drive rankings. As the buzz about social networking settles to a quieter hum, savvy marketers are finding ways to leverage this medium to help optimize SEM. According to the 2007 iProspect Search Marketer Social Networking Survey, 48 percent of marketers place content on

Search has revolutionized advertising. For many direct retailers, search has become the leading advertising channel for customer acquisition, and its importance still is growing. Here are three big ideas to help you get more from your paid search marketing (SEM) and your natural search marketing (SEO) going into the fourth quarter of 2007. SEO & SEM: Your Good Name Many retailers enjoy significant sales from visitors arriving from searches on their brand name. Monitoring and managing the distinction between brand and nonbrand searches is critical to smart online marketing. Why does brand vs. nonbrand matter? Consider two different Google searches, one for “J. Crew jean jacket” and

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