Al Roker

Over the last month, 30-second video clips of costumed people dancing spastically to the now-familiar refrain of "The Harlem Shake" have taken over the Internet. If you have a WiFi connection, then you've probably seen the meme. Just like the "Call Me Maybe" phase of 2012—in which every office and sports team made a momentarily viral variation of the music video—almost everybody is starting to make Harlem Shake videos. And just as advertisers were quick to jump on "Call Me Maybe" ... agencies have become obsessed with the Harlem Shake on YouTube and Facebook, too

By Peter Figueredo Smart online marketing, or a waste of money? It seems that lately you can't pick up a trade publication without reading about blogs. As an online marketing executive, you may be wondering how—if at all—it can help you meet your e-commerce objectives. This column takes a close look at this "buzz topic" to help you evaluate this emerging area of online marketing. It could prove to be either a very valuable marketing tool or a waste of time and money. What are Blogs? According to Blogger (—a company acquired by Google in early 2003 that provides users

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