Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Ever since our first date in 2004, Adam has insisted he won't celebrate what he believes are marketer-created holidays. I was pretty sure that meant I wouldn't get any Valentine's Day presents or anything for Sweetest Day, etc. I was wrong—we regularly exchange cards and gifts. However, Adam isn't the only skeptical consumer—as evidenced by the latest "holiday" that started showing up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday with the words, "Attention shoppers: With Labor Day behind us, your favorite Christmas decorations will be going up in stores and malls tomorrow. Happy Hallothanksmas!"

Interactive CD-ROMs should be a great involvement device in a mailing, but with the massive proliferation of AOL "drink coasters" showing up in people's mailboxes, the ability to get in under the junk-mail radar, even with something as substantial as a CD, has been getting hard. This is in part what the regional marketers at Adam's Mark Hotel in Denver, CO, had in mind when they put together this nifty 5 1Ú2" x 8 1Ú2" cardboard disc carrier that pops up into a free-standing desk calendar (520ADAMAR1100). It's a simple construction of one continuous piece of cardboard folded in on itself so that when

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