White Plains, N.Y.

Political stalemate in the nation's capital is causing business uncertainty and restricting marketing growth, a gathering of direct marketers were told last week at MeritDirect's 14th annual Business Mailers' Co-op and Interactive Marketing Conference. “There's great growth in the financial markets, unemployment is down, the housing market has improved and there is more confidence among consumers,” said keynote presenter Bruce Biegel, senior management director at consultancy Winterberry Group. “The country is doing pretty well, but it's subject to what they do in Washington ... Unless there's a change in gridlock, there's no real growth ahead

Many B-to-B mailers prefer to use cooperative databases for mailing lists because they offer the advantages of just-in-time inventory, cost savings, strong selectability and results, and elimination of merge/purge time and costs. However, as Blair Barondes, executive vice president of White Plains, N.Y.-based list brokerage and management firm MeritDirect, points out in his whitepaper, Thinking Outside the Database: How to Test Lists Sourced From a Cooperative Database vs. Traditional Sources, sometimes there’s a need to use a list from outside the co-op.

At one point or another, everyone is a new mover. Whether it's striking out on your own from the family home and into that first apartment, or moving up to a single-family residence with your spouse and new baby, or trading in that empty nest for a chic condo in a warmer climate—it's not often that you find a life-stage event that touches so many consumers' lives. Every month—in fact every week—there are new movers packing up boxes in one locale, only to put down roots in another, be it two blocks away or on the other coast of the United States.

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