Wayne, N.J.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

New York-based Institutional Investor News decided to test new upscale creative and copy during its mid-February through end-of-March multichannel subscription campaign. The publisher tasked Wayne, N.J.-based direct marketing creative and production services provider Ballantine Corp. with the creative, printing and mailing of 
the project.

The self-mailer, including the postcard, has been around for decades, and it's often used in a straightforward manner to present a simple offer to a prospect, usually unpersonalized.

While postal rates will be more friendly this year, direct mailers will continue to try new formats. Here is a sampling of formats suggested by some publishing clients of the Wayne, N.J.–based Ballantine Corporation, which recently released its 2008 Direct Mail Format Report. 1. Hybrid Voucher To lower costs, publishers have used the simple voucher package for years. Recently, however, response rates have dipped, perhaps due to overusage of this popular format. Consequently, there will be a greater call for the “hybrid voucher package,” which is a combination of a more elaborate voucher and a standard #10 package. 2. Magalog (trim size 10-1/2˝ x

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