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Chuck McLeester's blog explores issues about marketing and marketing measurement. He is a marketing strategist and analyst with experience in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, pet products, travel/hospitality, publishing and other categories. He spent several years as a client-side direct marketer and 25 years on the agency side developing expertise in direct, digital, and relationship marketing. Now he consults with marketers and advertising agencies to create measurable marketing programs.

When’s the last time you saw a Millennial pay with cash? Even convenience store purchases of less than $5 are paid with a debit card. Coffee in Starbucks is paid via cell phone. Money is exchanged between friends using PayPal and Venmo.

Wikipedia is the free online encyclopedia with more than 75,000 active contributors that are working on 5.3 million articles in over 100 languages. The Web site is based on the concept of amassing the existing knowledge of humankind in digital form, accessible to everybody in the world that can get onto the Internet. Anyone can post, edit or change an entry, so long as it is not used as a “blog,” “soapbox,” “directory,” “crystal ball” or a forum for “original thought.” The name comes from the Hawaiian, “wiki wiki” meaning quickly. With more than five billion pages and 1.6 million articles in English on

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